Feeling Good Through Tailored Food

To a great degree, we are what we eat.

Most of the time, we choose to eat motivated by our emotions. Rarely, does one wait until truly hungry to eat and often, one will choose to eat because of boredom, and then, tantalized through site or smell. Often, too, one is prompted by the time of day and the habit of a meal.

It actually takes a full three days to break down, process and assimilate one meal. However, many choose to eat three or more times a day and keep the digestion and elimination organs in a constant churning and grinding process with food. It is this continuous work that body must do, unceasingly, that causes the aging process to speed up while increasing joint pain, constipation, cloudy, mental states and ongoing lethargy.

By choosing to eat organic, simple foods combined with intermittent fasting, one gives the body and internal digesting and elimination organs an easier experience as well as a break from the churning, causing the body to feel satisfied, full and less inclined to eat when not hungry or bored. 

One of the main causes for landing into the habit of eating binges is gut parasites, which can be living in the liver, spleen, colon, stomach, or intestines or all the organs at once, which is usually the case. Wherever food is processed inside the body, there is usually some kind of unfriendly parasite. It is the presence of parasites that causes one to eat when not hungry and the tendency to binge on sugary foods or the dive into depression or sadness that many endure.

By conducting a series of enemas while taking certain herbs, one can begin to clear out the parasites and adjust how one chooses to eat and nourish their body. Clearing out parasites radically increases health of the body, greatly strengthens the immune system and allows for increased amounts of nutrition to feed, heal and vitalize the body while simultaneously stimulating a youthening process. 

There are some fantastic enema kits on the market today that  include instruction booklets with recipes to use for conducting effective enemas, easily. One of the best is found here:

Enema Kit

Be sure to use clean, pure water when you mix up the formula for your enema and you may want to check with your doctor to make sure that it is the right kind of therapy for your body. 

Always incorporate healthy bacteria into your regimen, which can be taken orally or used in a follow up enema for quicker absorption of the right kind of bacteria to help keep body healthy and gut clean. 

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