Maple-Nut Granola

Sweet Potato Kitchen

Fresh-baked oats, raisins, dried cherries, walnuts, coconut, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds lightly sweetened and baked in maple syrup, topped with coconut sugar. Choice of almond milk, goat milk, cow milk, sliced bananas too!

Morning Smoothy

A wide assortment of fresh, local fruits: Pineapple, bananas, papaya, and more….. inquire about current, in-season fruit selection. Dairy or Dairy-free – you decide!

Breakfast Breads

Sweet Potato Kitchen & Plantation Bistro

From banana nut bread to pumpkin to chocolate-banana-nut. An amazing yummy way to start the day. Pair with non-dairy cheese or locally sourced goat cheese or a delicious side of sheep yogurt. You may also select vegan cashew yogurt or cashew cheese!

Scone and Fruit Plate

Fresh-baked daily, classic scones served with local, in-season fruits and lightly dusted with cinnamon. Choose a side of sheep, goat or cow yogurt, cashew yogurt or cashew cheese for vegan alternatives.


French Press
or Fresh-Brewed tea

A 2-cup serving of hot coffee or tea, served in a pot. Choose from a selection of locally sourced coffee or a favorite style of traditional tea leaves.


Cool, refreshing, and hand-made, locally-sourced lemons! Fresh-squeezed, sweetened with maple syrup and with a light dash of cayenne.


Strawberry, dragon fruit, banana, peach, blue berries, kale, spiraling, mango, pineapple - you select up to 4 items according to what is in stock and in-season! Add vanilla, cinnamon, local honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar to taste.