Tasty Breakfast

An amazing assortment of homemade breads and cheeses, locally grown and harvested fruits, delectable, creamy, hearty oatmeal, robust and taste-bud satisfying granola, super-yummy smoothies and more for starting the day in the most perfect way!

Snacks, treats, sweets and drinks

We wouldn’t serve you anything better than the best – homemade treats, exquisite chocolates, refreshing drinks and fantastic afternoon tea delights!

Fresh Coffee

It’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the best regions for growing coffee. We have sampled a wide range of local growers to dial in what we feel is the very best selection on our island. We think you will agree with your first sip!

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Lunch & Dinner

In this section of the menu, we feature the highest quality of food available for your good health, easy digestion, vitality and taste bud delight. All items are organic, prepared fresh to order and vegetarian. 

Sweets and Treats

The most delicious assortment of fresh-made, organic, healthy desserts, snacks and treats!